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Research and Transfer

In the domains of "Research and Transfer" you can find the different key aspects when looking for the work areas or the employees.

In addiction:
Forschungszentrum für Leistungsdiagnostik und Trainingsberatung (FLT)
Forschungsstelle "Kommunale Sportentwicklungsplanung"
Forschungsstelle "Mehr Sicherheit im Schulsport"


Institute for sports science,
Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Faculty of human and social sciences

Gebäude I.14
Fuhlrottstraße 10
42119 Wuppertal

Tel. 0202-439-2009
Fax. 0202-439-3745


Secretary - Opening hours
Mo. -  Do. 09.00 bis 11.30 Uhr
Fr.  09.00 - 11.00 Uhr 

Sports science - Bergische Universität Wuppertal


…to the web pages of the institute for sports science of the University of Wuppertal.

With the help of our web sites we want to give you an overview over the many important aspects of sports science at the University of Wuppertal. We hope that we will succeed in that and always welcome feedback about our web pages, so that we can enlarge and improve our offer continuously.


Work Domains and Working Areas in Doctrine/Teaching and Research

The institute for sports science divides into two work domains and seven working areas:

Work Domain 1: (medical and natural-scientific domain)

(Spokesman: Prof. Dr. J. Freiwald - Deputy Spokesman: Prof. Dr. Dr. Th. Hilberg)

  • in the professorship of sports medicine, health promotion through exercise and sports in the domains of prevention, rehabilitation and health in sports for active people concerning competitive sports or recreational sports form the main image. Therapy strategies for prevention of conditions in the cardiovascular and the muscular area are developed.



Work Domain 2 (educational and social sciences)

(Spokesman: Prof. Dr. J. Frohn   -   Deputy Spokesman: AD M. Fahlenbock)

For questions, ideas or encouragements regarding the homepage of the institute of sports science, please contact Dr. Peter Wastl.

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